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For safety, please check the suitability of your vessel to take the ground on working berths or to dry out on the blocks and pads before booking. If in doubt, please speak to your Marine Trader.

You will receive an email confirming your booking, if you need to amend or cancel your booking you can do so through a link in the email.


Harbour map

3 Crane pad
10 day Max

4 Under crane (Day use only)
Day use only. Vessels must not be left unattended or overnight. Area may need to be cleared at short notice in case of emergency

Jersey tides

‌-  ‌Tides

Other location

‌-  St Helier
‌-  St Aubin


‌-  Please use the staples/cleats to tie to, not the railings
‌-  Please do not tie the top of a mast to the railings,
    put loose looped rope around the mast to the cleats
‌-  Please allow enough slack in ropes for tidal movement
‌-  Careful consideration should be given to working underneath
‌-  If in doubt consult your marine trader

Please consider how your activities could impact the environment.
You should always follow best practice wherever possible.
Learn more about the antifoul awareness campaign visit